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Whoever thought air leaked from a football could become the biggest story in the country? Welp! It happened last week. This is why the New England Patriots’ ‘Deflate Gate’ is HotMessFolder‘s HOT MESS OF THE WEEK, for the week that was! If you’ve been under a rock, basically the NFL says the footballs used during the AFC Championship game between the Patriots and Indianapolis Colts were indeed under-inflated. The only problem? NOBODY reportedly knows how they became under-inflated. The scandal gave way to two seriously hot mess press conferences. First up was Patriots coach Bill Belichick. He basically gave a science class ( which Bill Nye The Science guy says was garbage). Then, the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady gave a press conference ( whilst wearing a winter beanie hat). Both Belichick and Brady say they don’t know ANYTHING. Both also seem to think everyone should move on. The Brady conference was such a big deal most news networks broke into programming and carried it live. Really? A press conference about a football? Not to mention the puns and innuendoes tied to this story have been an utter hot mess on their own. The story was the cold open on Saturday Night Live and it basically sums up how anyone who is not a Pats fan feels about it. We’re linking it below. With the Super Bowl this Sunday, there’s no sign of ‘Deflate Gate’ going away. It kind of puts a black eye on the game. We hope the Patriots lose a couple drafts picks over this, which they probably won’t care about, if they take home another Super Bowl ring. Hot mess!


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