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Donald Sterling’s grave was already deep. Now it’s even deeper. Sterling decided to give an exclusive interview to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on AC360 Monday night. The things he said in the interview, in HotMessFolder’s opinion, we’re actually WORSE than the things he was previously recorded on audio tape saying. Firstly, he told Anderson Cooper that Anderson has “more of a plantation mentality” than he himself does. He also said Anderson was “more of a racist” than he is.  But his comments on Magic Johnson and his IGNORANCE about HIV/AIDS was so infuriating. It really made us want to trap him in an elevator with Solange Knowles for a good 10 minutes.

Below is the part that literally made our jaw drop! Donald Sterling said Magic Johnson should be “ashamed of himself”! He said Magic Johnson hasn’t done anything for “the black people”.  Since when is Donald Sterling’s tired old self an expert on what black people are doing for each other?!


But it didn’t even end there. Donald Sterling went on to compare what Jewish people do in their community, with what black leaders do in theirs. Yes, he said all of these things OUT LOUD, while simultaneously apologizing for the initial racist remarks that landed him in the hot seat to begin with!

HotMessFolder has been pondering this disconnect. How can someone sit there and adamantly declare they’re not a racist, while at the same time further spew racism? It finally occurred to us: people don’t think they’re racists if they’re not out committing hate crimes. Basically, racists must think if they’re not burning crosses on front lawns, wearing white cloaks, forcing people to pick cotton all day, or making folks drink from a different fountain… they’re not racists. WRONG!!!! Racism reflects thought. It’s not necessarily about action.  After this interview with Anderson Cooper, there is NO WAY Donald Sterling can convince America he doesn’t THINK his is superior to black people. That friends is racism. The NBA needs to force the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers ASAP and be done with it! Send Sterling out to pasture!


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