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The Donald Sterling memes have been amazing. This is by far our favorite here at HotMessFolder.

Simple and straight to the point: BYE, FELICIA!

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This story is so far the leader for hot mess of the YEAR!  There is so much chatter happening about every angle of it.

Here’s how HotMessFolder sees it:  The NBA’s “sentence” was appropriate. David Silver did his thing!

Yes, $2.5 million bucks isn’t a lot to a billionaire. Yes, a “lifetime” ban doesn’t mean much to  someone who is 80-years-old. But being forced to sell his beloved Los Angeles Clippers franchise will be a blow to his ego. And ego is what drives a man like Donald Sterling.

Did you not listen to the recordings? The abusive tone he takes with his girlfriend calling her a natural born “fighter”. Ugh.

HotMessFolder keeps reading comments from people who say — well this was a private conversation in his home. What about your First Amendment rights to freedom of Speech?

Yes, without a doubt, we are all entitled to say whatever the heck we want in the privacy of our own homes. Nobody is saying you can’t. Say what you want. The thing is you must realize that if for any reason what you said in private ever becomes public, society has just as much right to react!

This is where Donald Sterling’s ego comes in. Let’s keep it real. Like he couldn’t tell his girlfriend/mistress was a minority herself. He was so egotistical to think he could bash minorities in the presence of a minority and get away with it. Wow. Talk about a warped sense of self.

So, yes, carry on. Say whatever you want to say. Just know there may be consequences. Donald Sterling has finally found out the hard way.

Bye, Felicia!









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