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Yeah, if you watched Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday night there were 4 distinct hot mess moments that occurred. Here’s HotMessFolder’s recap of what went down:

1 — The worst play calling in history: Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is reportedly taking the blame for having his quarterback Russell Wilson throw the ball to a rookie receiver, instead of a) throwing it to the ‘Beast Mode’ man himself Marshawn Lynch, or b) running the dang ball…all while at the New England Patriot’s HALF YARD LINE. The Patriot’s intercepted the ball and won the Super Bowl. Lawd, it was painful to watch! The Seahawks are gonna have to live that hot mess down for LIFE!

2 — The worst Super Bowl commercial ever: There were a lot of sad commercials airing during the game that could’ve brought a tear to your eye. However, Nationwide insurance’s commercial about a kid dying, because childhood accidents are the leading cause of death for kiddies was flat out DEPRESSING. It was a total buzz kill. Sure, the safety message is noble and probably needed. However, HotMessFolder thinks the placement was just bad. The Super Bowel, when families are gathered for a fun evening, isn’t the time to make everyone need a Xanax. Nationwide fails simply on execution, not message.

3 — Katy Perry upstaged by Missy Elliott: Rapper Missy Elliott hasn’t had a hit song in maybe 10 years, but she totally stole the halftime show from headliner Katy Perry! Perry did put on a great stage production, but her voice sounded pre-recorded. Perry first brought out rocker Lenny Kravitz to pump things up. Things really turned up when Missy Elliott came out. It’s a hot mess when you get upstaged for the most high profile performance of your career.

4 – A big brawl: 20 seconds before the game ended the players decided to go all fight club on us. Suddenly a massive brawl broke out and punches were flying in several directions. It was a hot mess for real!

Needless to say, all three hot mess Super Bowl moments produced some pretty hilarious memes on social media. We’re posting a few of our favorites below.

LINK: http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/seahawks/2015/02/01/pete-carroll-pass-russell-wilson-malcolm-brown-marshawn-lynch/22727797/

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