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This pains us to write. It hurts to give this anymore life. To even contribute to the dialogue on such a asinine matter is nauseating. But without further adieu, the internet phenomenon known as “THE DRESS” is HotMessFolder’s HOT MESS OF THE WEEK, for the week that was. Honestly, it’s hard for our brains to process just how an extremely mundane picture became such a hot topic. Apparently, millions of people on Earth have never experienced an item looking different in varying lighting conditions. The story was a hot mess of epic proportions. It actually became a legit part of the news agenda for a couple days. National outlets focused time and attention on the story. As the Department of Homeland Security was nearing a funding crisis, news outlets were wasting precious space and time debating the color of a freaking dress! Sure, a lot of really dumb things make news. Admittedly, we talk about a lot of it right here on HMF. This, however, felt like a new low. There’s something about debating an inanimate object that just seems utterly mind numbing. This was distraction at it’s finest. And although no company has taken credit for this viral home run, we think it has marketing ploy written all over it. And everyone fell for it. The next time Congress is nearing a shut down remember THE DRESS. The next time the media isn’t covering the police shooting of a black man remember THE DRESS. The next time stock market tanks remember THE DRESS. The next time ebola pops up on U.S. soil remember THE DRESS. We really need to do better, people.

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