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HotMessFolder is truly getting kind of sick of the ebola “crisis”.  But we just can’t ignore the hot mess that is the Centers for Disease Control. For the week that was the CDC is HMF‘s ‘Hot Mess of the Week‘. The biggest mess of the week from the CDC is its extreme lack of protocol. It most notably made waves in regards to whether or not Dallas nurse Amber Vinson received CDC permission to fly commercially, while knowing she had potentially been exposed to ebola. Vinson was diagnosed with ebola. It was revealed she flew from Cleveland to Dallas just the day before her diagnosis. When this news first broke the CDC held a press conference saying Vinson should not have flow. Then the CDC said it misspoke and she could’ve flown, because she was not in a high risk category. Then reports emerged saying Vinson had contacted the CDC before flying and was told she could. It was a tangle web of information. Something completely unacceptable from a federal agency. Trying to place any sort of blame on a front lines healthcare worker, who caught ebola on the job, is just flat out wrong. The CDC failed to train those nurses in Dallas. It failed to immediately put protocols in place when it came to travel and contact. The CDC’s handling of the ebola cases in Texas has been an utter hot mess. The CDC’s handling has eroded public confidence, instead of boosting it. It has confused the message, instead of making it clear. HMF is hoping the CDC gets its act together, cause last week just wasn’t cute!


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