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Ugh. HotMessFolder is SO over Rachel Dolezal’s trifling self. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard about her by now. Her story of pretending to be a black woman has dominated the news cycle for the past 4 or 5 days. She is the president of a local NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington. Rachel Dolezal is our HOT MESS OF THE WEEK, for the week that was. She’s not just a hot mess for letting people believe she’s black. She’s a hot mess, because she’s deceitfully created a false narrative about her life. You don’t even need to be black for NAACP leadership. However, she lied about who her father is. She’s claimed to be the victim of hate crimes. She’s tried to pass off her adopted black brother as her own.

This sounds like some deep psychological mess. This isn’t just surface stuff, where she just let people believe she’s black without ever clarifying. In fact, there’s YouTube video of her saying she does indeed identify as a black woman. Well, Rachel Dolezal, you aren’t a black woman. You can pick and choose your blackness. Those of us born into black bodies can’t do that. We can’t take our blackness off when the situation doesn’t suit us. It’s almost like her curly fro and blonde braids are a costume she puts on.

What we’re curious about here at HMF is the motivation. On two fronts actually. Her parents did a interview with TODAY Monday morning. They’re the ones who outed her to the media last week. We wanna know why her parents finally decide to do a media blitz putting her on blast, when this is something she’s apparently be doing for years and years. Something doesn’t seem right there. There’s some bad blood and it feels like the parents are using the media, and the story, as a pawn in their retaliation against her.

Then on Rachel’s side, what was her motivation to change her identity to black in the first place? Did she think she couldn’t fight for civil rights without actually being a minority? She is a professor of African-American studies. Is it all part of some greater research study she’s doing to live as a black woman? Should we expect some cutting-edge thesis titled “My Life As A Black Woman” to drop next year? She needs to talk. It’s a hot mess that a fake black woman is getting more attention than real black women ever get on any issues! This friends, is the real hot mess!

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