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Goodness! Where to even begin with this tangled tale ?? At this point, it probably needs little explanation. Canadian broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi is HotMessFolder‘s ‘Hot Mess of the Week’ for the week that was! What makes him the hottest of messes is the public relations strategy Ghomeshi tried to manage his scandal with. It backfired big time. Last Monday, Ghomeshi posted the craziest of Facebook status updates to his fan page that we’ve ever seen here at HMF. On his Facebook page, he alleged he was the victim of a smear campaign by a jaded ex-gilfriend, with whom he had engaged in consensual BDSM bedroom activities. Ghomeshi also announced he would be filing a $50-million-dollar lawsuit against the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for firing him.  At the point he put the info out — nobody was publicly saying anything of that nature. Boy did it open a can of worms. It prompted the Toronto Star to publish reports of allegations it had anonymously received. Fast forward to today and there are about 8 or 9 women who say they’ve been the victim of sexual violence at the hands of Ghomehi. And now reportedly Toronto Police are criminally investigating at least three of those claims.  Yeah, it’s not looking good for Ghomeshi, which brings us back to his Facebook post. As new details continue to emerge, that original post just appears to be the diatribe of an extremely twisted person. He thought he was “getting ahead” of the story. Wrong. He catapulted the story into unchartered territory by trying to paint himself as the victim. The lawsuit was clearly a smoke & mirrors attempt to deflect from the real issues at hand. NOBODY is talking about that lawsuit now. Oh and we should mention, the PR firm Ghomeshi was working with dumped him. Clearly, everyone deserves their day in court, if that time comes for Ghomeshi. But thanks to his own doing, he’s already lost in the court of public opinion. The CBC reportedly gave him the option to walk away quietly. Instead he chose to create an epic hot mess.

LINK:  Click here for the latest from the Toronto Star! 

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