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Britt McHenry should be fired. It’s pretty simple. In case you’ve been living under a rock, we’re talking about the ESPN reporter who ignorantly berated a cashier at a tow truck company. The tirade was caught on camera, and of course, it went viral. We’ve posed the video below for your viewing displeasure. ESPN has reportedly suspended McHenry for one week. We say it’s not enough. Why? It’s the content of what she said to the woman. She didn’t just toss a couple of lame yo mama jokes or something. She belittled the woman’s socio-economic status, her education, and her weight… all in one minute. It was completely repulsive. Needless to say, Britt McHenry is HotMessFolder‘s HOT MESS OF THE WEEK for the week that was! Sure, everyone has bad days and most people hate getting towed. We get that. However, this rant seemed like more than a bad day. McHenry desperately wanted the cashier to know there’s a cast system in this country. A cast system which has McHenry at the top and the cashier at the bottom. This video sums up elitism, entitlement, and class warfare in just 60 seconds. To us, it looks like someone revealing their true colors when they think nobody is watching. We’ve all heard where McHenry’s values lay. She’s better than us. Better than people who work blue collar jobs. According to reports, some of McHenry’s co-workers at ESPN want her gone too. Of course they do! It’s embarrassing and tarnishes the brand for everyone. Plus, when you’re on-air talent, there are clauses in your contracts pertaining to how you represent yourself and your employer. McHenry unnecessarily created a PR nightmare for ESPN. She was dealing with a situation that had nothing to do with them and yet decided weaved them into the narrative. She’s beyond a hot mess. She’s clearly someone who does’t deserve the privilege of working in a high profile role. How could anyone take her seriously on ESPN ever again? Her credibility got towed right along with her car!


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