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It disgusts us to file a story about Josh Duggar under “celebs”. However, the reason why we’re even writing about him disgusts us even more. Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know why Josh Duggar and the entire Duggar clan is HotMessFolder’s HOT MESS OF THE WEEK , for the week that was. Reports that Josh Duggar molested young girls during his teenage years finally surfaced in the mainstream media. The family had successfully swept them under the rug for years. Not only did the molestation reports surface, but in a public statement, Josh Duggar essentially confessed to the crimes. Yes, he admitted to making “mistakes”. Reports also suggest that at least some of the victims may have been his own sisters. He never faced charges. He never received any legit clinical therapy. His crimes have gone unpunished. Instead, he became famous, as his entire family did reality television. We should all be outraged by this. The claims were out there before the Duggars even landed a show on TLC. Reportedly, it was Oprah’s show which first alerted police to investigate after receiving an anonymous tip. It raises questions about how TLC vets its prospective talents. How did this go overlooked?

One of our biggest issues with this story is that, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, seem to have allowed Josh to continue living in the same home as his sisters, who he victimized. And they allowed him to continue having contact and a sibling relationship with them. We can’t imagine how badly this has damaged those young women, having their abuser in their midst, and under the same roof at times. Disgusting! It’s also a hot mess because of the ignorant things Josh Duggar has said about the LGBT community over the years, saying they’re eroding the moral fabric of America. Sorry, Josh Duggar, you know what’s eroding the moral fabric? Sick perverts like you! Thirdly, what kind of woman marries a man who admits to molesting young girls? Yes, Josh Duggar is a married man with his own young children. Reportedly, his wife was aware of his past issues. That chick needs her head checked. Lastly, we’re disappointed with how slowly TLC reacted to this news. The day it came out they should’ve pulled the plug immediately. It took a few days and for the media to start comparing it with how they handled the Honey Bo Bo scandal. As soon as the word “molestation” is associated with one of your productions, pulling it off the air becomes a public relations no brainer. The Duggar story is now just a ridiculously twisted tale of how some use religion to oppress women sexually and emotionally. There is nothing Christian about the Duggars. If they’re Christians, count us out! They’re a hot mess!


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