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Whenever a black woman lands a gig on The View, why does it always result in a) dramatic weight loss and b) a over-hyped, short-lived marriage?? Sherri Shephard is giving HotMessFolder Star Jones flashbacks. This is why Sherri Shepherd is our ‘Hot Mess of the Week’ for the week that was!! News broke late last week that Sherri Shephard’s husband, Lamar Sally, reportedly filed for separation  & the couple is headed to divorce. While yes, it’s sad anytime a marriages dissolves, this one in particular is a hot mess! Firstly, if you take a look at Sherri’s Instagram she was posting “date night” pics with him just 10 weeks ago! We’ve posted one below. We should note, “Sal” has also removed his Instagram account. Did trouble in paradise come THAT fast?? Sherri Shephard always took a page from the Star Jones playbook when it came to her relationship. The woman was constantly talking about it on-air & off-air! It was too much! Plus, according to reports, Sherri Shephard has previously made some controversial remarks about gay marriage, which she reportedly apologized for. Now, it seems like her own marriage may have been a fraud.  Lamar Sally is reportedly claiming it was. He’s also reportedly trying to get custody of a baby the couple is expecting through a surrogate.  This whole things sounds so fishy!  HotMessFolder is just waiting for Sherri to address this on The View, cause if doesn’t after all the talking she did about him before, she is a certified hot mess! You can’t ask for privacy now, when you were oh-so-public with it all before!! With Barbara Walters retiring this week, HotMessFolder won’t be surprised if Sherri tries to sweep this under the rug until Babs is gone!!

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