The HotMessFolder™ is a daily look at all things a hot mess in news, sports, politics & celebrity. We’re scouring the media to find stories that make you want to scream “that’s a hot mess” & giving you our special HotMessFolder™ take on things. Let’s put newsmakers on blast! If someone or something is making news for all the wrong reasons, it’s going to be filed right here in the HotMessFolder™. There’s so much news out there these days. A lot of it is a hot a** mess. The HotMessFolder™ is here to highlight those stories & get conversations started. The HotMessFolder™ team of bloggers are all experienced journalists who know a hot mess story when they lay eyes on it


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HMF, Founder & Editor


Giselle Phelps is a Dallas-based journalist & the founder of HotMessFolder™.  Giselle has spent the last decade working in television news. She was a general assignment news reporter for stations in Syracuse & Buffalo, New York and in Dallas, Texas. She also worked in various producing roles at the national level in the U.S. & Canada. She got the idea for  HotMessFolder™ while anchoring weekends in Buffalo, NY.  Giselle was born in Kansas City, Missouri. She grew up in Canada and graduated with a bachelors degree in journalism from Ryerson University in Toronto. She also attended the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia